I am a Birth Coach, Confidant, Hugger, Squeezer, Knowledge Sharer, Partner Supporter, Baby Lover, Comforter, Storyteller, Witness of the Light. 
 The person you call at 3AM and say "It's time to Come Doula Me!"

Let me answer a few common questions for you...

Will you “DoulaME” in a hospital? ----------------------------------------Absolutely!

Would you “DoulaME” if I told you I don’t want to breastfeed? - Of course!

Will you “DoulaME” if I decided I want to get an Epidural? ­­­­­­­­­------- Definitely!

Would you “DoulaME” if I plan on having a C-section? ------------------- YES!

Will you “DoulaME” if I told you I want a VBAC? ----------- Without a doubt!

Would you “DoulaME” if I said I was having multiples? ------------- Certainly!

Will you “DoulaME” if I told you I want No medications AT ALL? - Positively!

Would you “DoulaME” if I shared how afraid of birth I am? -That’s what I'm here for!

Will you “DoulaME” if I don’t want to eat my placenta? - No... you must! Just joking – Surely!

Would you “DoulaME” if I don’t want to discuss anything too “crunchy granola”? - Indeed!

Will you “DoulaME” if I only want to Birth naturally at home? --------- Clearly! 


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Labor is hard work and recovering from labor can be too! Here you will find a personal trainer specializing in women's health and prenatal and postpartum fitness - Safe for mom and baby. COMING SOON!

“Maggie was unbelievable and she really made the whole process so much more comfortable for the both of us. In my girlfriend's words, she was a blessing and absolutely perfect. ”
-John H