$2,000 (Value $2,600)

My Doula services will include:

We will have an initial consultation to “feel out” if you are comfortable with me and discuss your priorities for the birth day.

After I am hired I come to your home for two prenatal visits and we will cover the following topics:

  • Health history
  • Birth preferences and birth plan
  • Prenatal and postpartum support
  • What to bring to the hospital – mom and baby
  • Doula comfort techniques
  • Back up Doula's contact info
  • Helpful birth and medication videos
  • Medications used after delivery for baby (to best understand your rights)
  • Breastfeeding basics

I will also come to your home and provide an intensive 3 hour childbirth education class that will cover:

  • stages of labor
  • signs and symptoms of labor
  • the anatomy of childbirth
  • emotional parts of labor

The pre-labor sessions are meant to be informative and allow for you (and your partner) to ask questions so you are more confident with what will occur on the birth day and after. We will cover additional information regarding infant care and breastfeeding. 

As your Doula I am reachable by phone, text and e-mail to answer additional questions and hear updates as your pregnancy progresses.

During labor I meet you in your home, birthing center or hospital and I provide many soothing techniques (counter-pressure, comforting touch, coached breathing and emotional support with continuous encouragement) while holding space for informed decision making by you. After your baby has arrived, I stay with you and assist with initial breastfeeding needs. I typically stay 1-2 hours after the baby is born.

I provide one post postpartum visit 1-2 weeks after you and the baby have returned home. During this time together we discuss the birth and I provide additional resources regarding postpartum care.

Postpartum Rejuvenation Home Visit (scheduled within 6-10 weeks of baby arriving) This visit is for you to have a few hours to heal your body after labor has occurred. During a 3.5 hour visit with a licensed massage therapist, you will experience many holistic healing services in the privacy of your own home. Your Doula will also attend and watch over your baby so you can relax during your session (breastfeeding breaks are expected). Below is a description of each service you will receive:

Postpartum Massage (45 min):

The benefits of a postpartum massage are many. Labor and caring for a newborn baby are life changing experiences and can affect your sleep patterns, hormone regulation, swelling in some areas and how you breastfeed. 

If you enjoy deep tissue massages or more gentle touch the results will be the same: you will be rejuvenated.

The relaxation of massage (no need for medications) can assist with the new pains that might have grown in your arms, back and shoulders from baby holding and breastfeeding. As we all know sleep is vitally important to our health and after the baby arrives even more so! It is common for moms to fall asleep during the session and they report feeling infinitely better at night. It improves the delta brain waves we all need for deep sleep. Hormonally, women experience big changes in estrogen and progesterone from pregnancy to postpartum. Cortisol levels (stress hormone) can increase also, but luckily massage can help balance hormone levels. Massage can also greatly reduce swelling after labor. It assists with creating better circulation therefore helping the body to naturally eliminate toxins. Regarding breastfeeding it is important to keep milk supply up and massage of the chest and shoulders is an excellent way to keep a mom relaxed while increasing her circulation. 

Maya Abdominal Massage (30 min):

This is an external non-invasive massage designed to help bring your abdominal organs back into alignment for optimal health. The nervous system and lymphatic system are improved greatly from the circulation that occurs from this massage. Pregnancy can weaken pelvic alignment and can move the uterus. This can result in many unpleasant symptoms. Having this massage done for women who have had vaginal births is recommend within 6 weeks of delivery and the first 3 months after a c-section. 

Herbal Bath (Vaginal Steaming):

You will not need a bathtub to receive this service and the best part is you will be taught how to do it for yourself! 

This ancient practice is safe and simple to do at home. Postpartum women do this cleanse to clear uterine membranes and help with menstrual cramps when they return. The steaming lasts for about 20 minutes. In this time you will be healing your cervix, ovaries and uterus through heat and natural plant oils. The following oils are often used in this cleanse (a consult will occur before the session): oregano, basil, marigold, rosemary, burdock leaves, motherwort, chamomile, yarrow, plantain, squaw vine, lavender and thyme. 

Belly Wrap: 

For centuries women have been using natural belly binding to help their abdomen heal after having a baby. This practice helps support ligaments and organs after delivery while having the other added benefit of flattening your tummy. This wrap is usually done with a long piece of unbleached cotton. It helps speed up recovery time by reducing water retention from the chest to the butt and thighs. Some people report it helps with stretch mark reduction and skin tightening. 

The technique of belly wrapping will be done for you and explained so you can do this for yourself for as long as you feel you need it. 



ALL THE WAY Package includes: 

  •  Unlimited Email, text, Skype and phone support
  • Childbirth Education Class in your home (3 hours)
  • 2 prenatal meetings to discuss your birth preferences and comfort measures (90 minutes each)
  •  Attendance at your labor and birth
  •  Postpartum home visit 
  •  Postpartum Rejuvenation Home Visit (3.5 hours):
  1.  Postpartum Massage
  2.  Maya Abdominal Therapy (Massage)
  3. Herbal afterbirth bath/cleanse (No bath tub required)
  4. Belly Wrap
  5.  Doula (Me) watches baby while services are received

(The above services are provided by a licensed massage therapist and Doula. Postpartum visits must occur with 6 weeks of Birth/ 10 weeks for c-section births).



Just perfect when we got home...

“Having such support during this big transition for my partner and I was great, but the in home pamper me day was amazing. It was just perfect when we got home and I knew my day to "fill my cup back up" was on the  calendar.” 

— L.M.

My wife loved everything coming to her!

“We got everything we needed to know about our son coming while we sat in our own living room! My wife loved having everything come to her, especially the massage .”

— K.L.

The truth about postpartum.

“It was our first baby and we luckily had friends who told us the truth about the realities of the postpartum period. We listened and realized it was worth every penny to make sure she was taken care of.”

— D.S.