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I worked with Maggie for the birth of my daughter on March 21. Maggie was the best! She's very personable and easy to be around, as well as knowledgeable and hard-working. Our sessions were a lot of fun and informative, and we even had some good laughs during labor, which calmed me down and helped me to relax. She was very much there for me and for my husband before, during and after the birthing process.

She gave me awesome massages with essential oils and breathed through my contractions with me, which really helped me cope with the pain and get into a meditative zone. When my doctor ended up recommending an emergency c-section due to concerns about the baby's heart rate, Maggie supported me through my disappointment by knowing to listen and acknowledge my feelings. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with Maggie.

-Amanda P

Having Maggie as my Doula was the best decision I could have made. She walked me through the potential ins and outs of birth and postpartum life. Her soothing soul and overall knowledge of the field make her an ideal Doula for those searching for comfort and guidance while giving birth. Her pain relieving tactics made delivery much more tolerable. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her.

As a first time mother, the idea of motherhood and labor seemed daunting. Before introducing Maggie to the process, my feelings about pregnancy were lost in a haze. Thankfully, Maggie brought light to one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. She is an amazing individual... and most importantly an awesome Doula.


-Wilma M

From the moment I met Maggie, I felt completely at ease. She was a great resource for information anytime I had questions during my pregnancy. When it came time for labor, Maggie was so comforting and reassuring. We are so glad she was a part of our experience.

The following day our L&D nurse came to say hi and raved about Maggie. She said that sometimes doulas can be overwhelming in the delivery room and push their own agenda but she was so impressed by Maggie's professionalism and how friendly she was. She said her impression of doulas was positively impacted after meeting Maggie!

To be honest, it didn't surprise me at all. Maggie is truly amazing and such an asset for any expecting couple.

-Alison P

When my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula, it made me a little nervous, but I did as my wife asked (as any good partner should do in that situation). Speaking as someone who has been through this once with a doula, and once without, I can tell you that having Maggie there to back me up was a real life saver. I never felt any pressure from her to do anything I would've been uncomfortable with. The first time I helped my wife through labor, I was completely physically wiped out.

Maggie made it a much more manageable situation for me and, oh yea, she helped my wife out a little bit, too... She had a lot of little tips and tricks to help my wife feel at ease and get through the tough times. She was there from beginning to end and was always ready when we needed her. It was a truly positive experience for both my wife and myself. By the time my little girl popped out, it honestly felt as if Maggie was a part of our family.

-Corey P

Maggie is an outstanding Doula, she was there with us every step of the way, it's as if we had known her forever. I would absolutely recommend Maggie as your Doula. As first time parents we had no idea what to expect, we had instructions and advice from doctors, mothers, nurses and of course all the books! But NOTHING except for an angel could of helped, and that is where Maggie comes in. Not only was she there for me, she was there for my boyfriend who was also amazing. Maggie coached us both through the amazing experience of childbirth, we could not have asked for a better Doula.

-Caitlyn V 



Maggie will support you in having the birth YOU want, whatever that may be. She is a non judgmental presence & an empathetic ear as you navigate your birth journey & all the decisions that go along with that. She was there for us with what needed when we needed it! What was even better was her doula training & philosophical approach to birth aligned with ours :) she'll be there to laugh or cry with you & any family who has the pleasure to work with her is blessed! We had the birth of our dreams & we're thrilled we had the honor to share it with her! She was available to us with support after our son was born which was so important for postpartum. We love Maggie!

-Elizabeth N

Maggie’s calming demeanor from our very first phone call confirmed that she was the doula for me.  From our birth preparations through labor and postpartum, Maggie put me at ease and made me laugh.  She helped my partner and I talk through our birth plans in a more informed way and supported us in all the choices we made during labor.  I especially appreciated her advice, encouragement and availability when I was past my due date and hoping to avoid an induction.  Once I was in labor, Maggie was a stabilizing presence in the delivery room.  She stepped in seamlessly and unobtrusively to help me cope and guide my husband by suggesting different positions, using massage, applying counterpressure and even feeding me ice chips.   Somehow she seemed to always know what I needed next.  Immediately after the birth, she was really helpful in establishing breastfeeding (and making sure we had a decent meal!). I can’t recommend her highly enough!

-Isabel J 



I cannot really put into words how wonderful it was to have Maggie as my birth doula. Having had a failed epidural during my first labor, I was determined to have an unmedicated birth the second time. Hiring Maggie to help me through it was the best decision I made. 

The second time around, I was hoping for an easier labor, but as my water broke without many contractions, I knew I'd be in for a long day. Maggie was with us from the very beginning. From the moment she arrived, she helped me stay calm and focused. During the worst pain, Maggie was right there, providing counter pressure and creating a calming environment that convinced me that I could get through it.  Following my son's brirth, not only could my family not stop talking about how thankful we were for Maggie, but hospital staff also told us how incredible a doula she was and how lucky we were to have her.  When I think back to my birth now, I think of Maggie as an integral part of one of the most special, empowering, and important experiences of my life, and I cannot thank her enough.

Rachael K

Maggie was literally a dream-come-true doula for me in 2016!  I cannot even begin to speak highly enough of her.  It was my first pregnancy, and I was learning everything for the first time.  I was immediately impressed with Maggie in the way that she came over to meet me at my place to make an authentic and informal introduction right away.  I felt at ease and natural with her, and what assured me the most is that Maggie had the same values and views as I did on natural childbirth, on tapping into inner power and strength, beauty and life, creativity and authenticity.  

I was truly blown away by the techniques and tools that Maggie taught my husband and myself. She had printed out resources and put them in a folder for me. There was even a moment when Maggie and I were locked out of my apartment upstairs.  So we hung out on the porch, with the birthing ball and some tennis balls, and practiced counterpressure techniques.  She is truly a gem!

During my birth, she was there at the triage just as my active labor was mounting.  She wasn't allowed into the triage room for the first hour but she waiting outside in the waiting room with my Mom.  My Mom also fell in love with her and was raving about her to me afterwards!  As soon as we entered the labor and delivery room, Maggie was present and ready for me.   She knew I wanted the most natural labor possible, without any intervention of epidural, pitocin and so on, and that's exactly how things went, thankfully. 

During the 40 or so minutes of pushing, Maggie was beside me the entire time. I was so completely exhausted, every bone in my body was fatigued to the point of near depletion, and yet I kept pushing and breathing and pushing and breathing.  There was a moment when I felt dizzy, as if I was going to pass out unconscious any moment. It was at that moment that Maggie placed a wet washcloth on my forehead. I will never forget how such a small act felt so heavenly at that moment.  That wet washcloth snapped me out of my dizziness, and I continued to push. 

After my baby girl was born Maggie brought me my first meal.  A few weeks later she shared with me the 70+ photos she took of my baby's birthing.  Every time I see the photos I am moved to tears.  What a precious gift to have the raw footage of the most intense and beautiful experience of my life.

As you can see, I would highly recommend Maggie's doula services. And if I decide to have baby #2, I can assure you Maggie is one of the first people I'll be calling.  Probably even before anyone else!

-Bhumika M

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