Postpartum & Fourth Trimester Support


Bringing a new baby home is an adjustment for everyone and a postpartum doula can be a great help with the transition. Excitement and exhaustion are both very common when you first arrive home. I am the extra support to help settle into life with a newborn.

My services include:

  • Light cleaning in your home (dishes, laundry etc.)

  • Bathing, diapering, and umbilical cord care

  • Soothing and Swaddling Techniques

  • Assistance in understanding and reading your baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping

  • Baby Wearing

  • Tending to errands outside of the home (ex: grocery shopping)

  • Preparation of simple meals

  • Assistance with breastfeeding support or bottle feeding

  • Tend to the baby while parents do self-care (sleep, eat, shower or play with other children)

  • Nurture the mom during this transition by sharing postpartum healing techniques and help her process her birth

Minimum session is 4 hours.

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"Each soul is born with a purpose. It is our obligation to fulfill this purpose and make a positive impact on the world."
~Darla Burns

Overnight Sessions

Helping care for the baby overnight has been a favorite for many of my clients. I often join you at your home from 10PM until 6AM and MAKE SURE you get some rest. My focus is to pay close attention to the baby and meet all of their needs. The hours needed are flexible. 

"Having Maggie as a doula meant we could sleep with both eyes closed. She instantly read his needs and made him and us feel secure. We got the rest we needed knowing our baby was taken care of! She listened to how we were doing things and got us into a night routine for settling down our baby and getting food ready for the night and next morning. Our baby is now sleeping through the night consistently!! What a godsend she was to us as parents!! "

-Becky F



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Sometimes Miracles come in Pairs. ~Richard Branson


"When I met Maggie I was struggling not only with a newborn, but with postpartum anxiety and depression. Maggie cared for me and my baby as if we were family. It felt as if I had known her for my whole life, rather than just met her. Maggie taught me how to care for my baby. She took excellent care of me, supporting me physically through massage, making sure I ate and sending me to nap while she lovingly cared for my daughter. She supported me emotionally by listening and never judging. She was always willing to help with anything and everything; no task was too big. Maggie changed my life and I am forever grateful."

-Karen P

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Enjoying some Tummy Time!

Blessing Way "Officiant"

The Blessing Way is a beautiful Native American tradition done by the tribe to support the energy spirit as it takes the path through the life cycle. Today we have drawn from those traditions to create what speaks to our spiritual, social and personal selves to honor the light that each mom-to-be holds.

As an “officiant” of the Blessing Way, I help the family and friends of the mom-to-be organize and plan the event. I can also serve as the master of ceremonies and guide the event or help a loved one plan how they will host. 

What to expect:

We are planning a Blessing Way to nurture, nourish, prepare, support and encourage the mom-to-be.

The host helps welcome the guests and sets the intentions for the day while holding space for sharing and positive contributions from the guests.

The following are some of the rituals that we can incorporate into your Blessing Way:

  • Sharing a birth story, and releasing birthing fears

  • Hold a supportive ceremonial activity for the birthing and parenting journey

  • Pampering

  • Creating a gift

  • Sharing food/potluck


Reiki Healing


I am a Reiki practitioner.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a form of energy healing. The practitioner’s hands lay on or hover above the client’s body while directing Reiki energy into any parts of the body that need healing. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is based on the idea that an unseen universal life energy flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. At times our universal life force can be low. When low, we are more likely to get sick or experience stress. When it's high, we are more capable of being happy, vibrant and healthy.

I can do a private session in your home prenatally or postpartum.

I also can do Reiki during labor.

Reiki is only done with permission (I will never provide this service without consent).

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki and how it can be used during our visits, I would be happy to do a free consult.