DoulaMe for my c-section

Doulas are trained to support all birth types. Many people are unaware that Doulas can be hired for a scheduled c-section – You can and it will be extremely helpful!

Often moms do not realize that birth plans, options for early postpartum care and in-depth information about a c-section can be provided by a Doula as well as hands on comfort techniques.

Another common reason why Doulas are hired for cesarean births is that partners cannot attend for various reasons, some of which may be medical.

My service include:

Complimentary consultation and discuss your priorities for the birth day.

I come to your home for two prenatal visits.

We will discuss what options you can request during the c-section and immediately after. Such as, a gentle c-section, essential oils or Skin to Skin time with baby immediately after surgery.  We will also cover what to expect (medications etc.) and basic breastfeeding.

On birth day, I will meet you (and your partner) at the hospital prior to check-in.

Before and during the birth, I will give continuous support that will assist greatly with keeping you present during the birth.

After the baby has arrived I will be with you in the recovery room.

I will assist with breastfeeding. I can help with hand expression and best breastfeeding positions to hold your baby so your stomach is not in pain.

I will help to get food and additional support to get you settled in the first few hours as a new parent.

We will have 1 postpartum visit in your home 1-2 weeks after you leave the hospital. We will discuss the birth and I will assist any additional resources you will need now that your baby is here.